Dales barn conversion

This large 220m², four bedroom Dales barn conversion stands in 3 ½ acres of land and features extensive open plan spaces with large windows and doors. The house has solid floors and under floor heating upstairs and down, argon-filled double glazed windows and doors and high specification insulation.

The owners knew how much an oil fired system was costing neighbours to heat their well insulated farmhouse, with radiators throughout, and were keen to find another, more cost- and energy-efficient way to heat their own home.

Dales Barn conversion with GSHP

Yorkshire Heat Pumps recommended a NIBE F1245 12kW ground source heat pump and three 200m ground loops in the field outside, buried at a depth of 1.2 metres.

The projected annual cost for heating their home had they used an oil fired system would have been in excess of £3,000 per annum. The detailed heat loss survey undertaken by a Chartered Engineer indicated the projected cost of heating and hot water with the heat pump will be just £1,180 per annum.

Following the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme in Spring 2014, the owners will receive £3,360 per annum over a 7 year period. That’s a total payment of over £23,000.


Heat pump: NIBE F1245 12kW ground source heat pump with integrated water heater

Ground works: 3 x 200 metre ground loops

System cost:  <£16,000

Operating cost: for heating and hot water with heat pump: £1,180 per annum

Annual operating cost saving: for heating and hot water (heat pump vs projected oil cost): 60%

Annual RHI payment: approx £3,360  for 7 years, or a total of £23,520


Ceramics Showroom - London

Tower Ceramics is one of London’s finest tile showrooms, located in Camden Parkway, supplying both to the trade and direct to the public.  The extensive showroom extends to some 250m² and is therefore quite expensive to heat.

Tower Ceramics Showroom


The business was looking for an energy- and cost-efficient way to heat this largely open-plan space. With no exterior footprint at the property to accommodate a ground source system, Yorkshire Heat Pumps recommended installation of a NIBE F2040 air-to-water heat pump.

This clever piece of kit incorporates an inverter-driven compressor which allows the system to be regulated, so that heat output matches the exact capacity required at any given time. This means the heat pump will only consume the exact energy needed, making it highly efficient.

This ensures customers can browse the huge tile collection in comfort, and sales staff can remain warm in this large commercial space, without costing the company a fortune.


Property: 250m² tile showroom with under floor heating

Heat pump: NIBE F2040 16kW inverter-driven air-to-water heat pump

System cost:  <£15,000

Operating cost: for heating only with air source heat pump: £1,428 per annum

Annual operating cost saving: for heating only (heat pump vs projected gas cost): 17%

Annual RHI payment: approx £870 for 20 years, or £17,400


Lincolnshire Convent

San Damiano in Metheringham is a Victorian house with 6 study/bedrooms that is home to four Franciscan Sisters from the Community of St Francis, and provides accommodation and meeting facilities for those wishing to go on a spiritual retreat.  As well as providing Ministry in the local community, the Sisters also provide pastoral care from this old Victorian house.  Both residents and visitors found it a rather cold and draughty place with the oil fired boiler, which was heating radiators throughout the building, struggling to keep it warm.

The Community was looking to improve the heating system to make the make the house a welcoming and comfortable place to live and work, and for visitors to spend a few days on retreat ‘away from it all’.

Yorkshire Heat Pumps recommended installation of a 35kW Windhager BioWIN biomass pellet boiler with a 6 tonne pellet store. We also recommended upgrading of 9 radiators in the coldest spots in the house.  Since the installation, the Sisters and their guests are enjoying the new-found warmth.


Property: 275m² Convent in a Victorian house set in tranquil grounds

Biomass boiler: Windhager BioWIN 35kW pellet boiler and 6 tonne pellet store with auger pellet feed system

System cost: Just over £37,000

Operating cost: £2,600 for biomass vs oil at >£3,500

Annual operating cost saving: for heating and hot water >25% or £6,300 over 7 years

Annual estimated RHI payment: £4,600 for 7 years or £32,200


Keighley Factory

Keighley men's tailoring firm Brook Taverner has turned to biomass to heat its enormous 180,000 sq ft factory building.

The 103-year-old business was using electrical heating and an ancient oil-fired boiler to heat the open plan factory floor, smaller specialist work areas, a workroom, showroom, quality control area and offices.

Factory building

With high factory ceilings in the open plan areas, the building was a challenge to keep warm and the heating bills were eye-watering, so understandably the Directors wanted to install a more energy and cost-efficient system to keep the office and factory floor staff comfortable in the workplace.

The firm has installed a biomass pellet boiler which has led to fuel savings of more than £19,000 a year – and what's more, with payments from the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, the company is looking at recouping the cost of the installation in just four years.

ETA HACK biomass boiler

Yorkshire Heat Pumps recommended installation of a 199kW ETA HACK biomass pellet boiler with a 5,000 litre accumulator tank. A bespoke pellet store was constructed with a 14 tonne capacity and auger pellet feed system. Conventional radiators heat the offices, and to heat the open plan factory area and showroom, the company specified 14 blow heaters, all powered by the biomass boiler.

Now a second phase is planned consisting of a heat recovery system to use heat from the presses to run the factory's hot water system.

Once the second phase is operational, no energy will go to waste. Already, with the installation of the biomass boiler, the company's carbon impact has reduced significantly with a CO² saving of over 162 tonnes per year.


Property: 180,000 sq ft factory building with offices

Biomass boiler: ETA HACK 199kW pellet boiler with bespoke pellet store with 5000 ltr accumulator tank

System cost: £170,000

Annual operating cost saving: >£19,000

Annual CO² saving: 162 tonnes

Installation payback period: <4 years


Lincolnshire Golf Club

Seacroft Golf Club is a thriving member-owned club in Lincolnshire, rated one of England’s top 100 golf courses. Renowned for its catering and facilities and being popular for private parties and dinners, there is a large open plan main lounge, 19thHole bar, plus a Pro Shop and extensive changing facilities on the site.

This links club is situated on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and members felt they wanted to consider the environment as well as the balance sheet when, in the face of rising fuel costs, they planned to update their heating system in 2014.  

The club had been heated by two 30kW gas boilers consuming around 130,000kWh per annum. Yorkshire Heat Pumps recommended a 60kW Windhager BioWIN biomass boiler with a 1,500 litre buffer tank to manage the hot water. They constructed a bespoke 16 tonne pellet store tucked away in a corner of the trolley store, which meant the club could buy fuel in bulk.

Not only was a biomass boiler a wise move for green credentials – using sustainably sourced fuel and saving 27 tonnes of carbon each year - the club is looking at saving more than £21,000 over 20 years in fuel costs. What’s more, the project will pay for itself within six years thanks to the government’s non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. Thereafter, it will provide a revenue stream for a further 14 years.


Property: Golf Club with large lounge, bar, Pro Shop, offices and changing facilities

Biomass boiler: Windhager BioWIN 60kW pellet boiler with 1,500ltr buffer tank and bespoke 16 tonne pellet store  

System cost: Just over £40,000

Operating cost saving: >£21,000 over 20 years

Non-domestic RHI payments: Over 20 years

Installation payback period: <6 years, providing a revenue stream for a further 14 years

Carbon saving: 27 tonnes per annum


The Yorkshire Heat Pumps pledge

Whether your installation is domestic or non-domestic, large or small, at Yorkshire Heat Pumps we pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best personal service and professional advice.

We can guide you through what feels, at times, like a minefield of information, filled with potential pitfalls.  We pride ourselves in staying on top of the latest regulations, guidance and compliance information.

We are happy to offer informal advice about your project and the suitability of different  technologies, without obligation, to ensure you are happy to take the step towards embracing a renewable energy heating solution for your home or business, before progressing to the next, more formal stage.

Michael and Kate Wright

We are somewhat evangelical about renewables and can talk from personal experience (we were early adopters of ground source technology at our own property some years ago and installed a biomass system to heat our offices and showroom), but unlike some less scrupulous providers, we will not try to sell you something you don’t need or that’s not suitable for your property, lifestyle or circumstances.

We will design the system and specify the unit you require based on detailed information, accurate calculations, and technical knowledge. We work with the manufacturers of some of the most advanced heat pumps in the world so are able to source the one that is just right for you.

We work only with fully qualified and accredited experts whom we know and trust; from the independent Chartered Engineer we recommend to conduct the full heat loss survey; to specialist ground work or drilling contractors; to our highly qualified installation engineers. 

We are proud to be members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code and take our obligations under the code very seriously. We are also TrustMark registered.

We are an MCS accredited installer of ground source and air source heat pumps and are happy to hold our customers' hands through the RHI application process.