Air Source Heat Pumps

Installation of an air source heat pump can lead to your energy consumption for heating being reduced by up to 50%, in comparison to direct electricity heating systems.

free energy, anyone?

Believe it or not, you can actually use the outside air, one of nature’s totally free gifts, to heat, and indeed cool your home. Even at sub-zero temperatures, ambient air contains heat and when you concentrate that heat using an air/water heat pump, you can get enough out of it to heat up both your home’s water-based radiators (or underfloor heating) and domestic hot water. It’s amazing, but true. 

NIBE air source heat pumps

Choose a NIBE air source heat pump for either new builds or retro-fit. These heat pumps can be installed on almost any kind of terrain and come in a range of sizes to suit small, medium or large homes and even light commercial buildings.

They can be docked together to produce a maximum of 180kW of power. You don't need a large amount of space either because NIBE air to water heat pumps only require 350mm clearance from the wall (if installing against a wall) and 1 metre of free space in front of the unit.



NIBE™ F2040

The NIBE monobloc air-water range consists of the new NIBE F2040 8kW, 12kW and 16kW for residential use. The new NIBE range gives a complete coverage of building heating power demand in the 5 -16kW range, but can also be used in cascade for applications with higher heat demand.

The F2040 are new air/water outdoor units that are particularly suitable for residential buildings. Great effort has been made to create attractive system combinations. These NIBE products have been developed with special attention to making installation as smooth as possible. For example we always include anti-vibration water connection with the outdoor unit. 

This heat pump features an invertor controlled compressor for maximum operating efficiency and a built-in condensate water tray. The NIBE F2040 also has an optional cooling function.


 VVM 320  


Flexible indoor module NIBE™ VVM 320 for systems with NIBE air/water heat pumps or complete indoor module for heating and hot water. Ideally suited for upgrading existing heating systems or new builds with requirements for high hot water performance.

NIBE air/water heat pumps together with VVM 320 make up a complete installation for heating and domestic hot water.
This model features a new-generation control module with a colour display and several new functions. 

The VVM 320 features an integrated buffer tank for the heating system and c
limate controlled automatic flow line temperature which takes the outdoor temperature into consideration, ensuring the unit runs as efficiently as possible.
It has a self-regulating, speed controlled, circulation pump of A-class design.

This unit is compatible with NIBE Uplink allowing for remote operation.




NIBE™ F2300

NIBE F2300 is an intelligent heat pump that can work with virtually any heating system that your home already has, such as wood-fired, oil or gas boiler.

An integrated controller makes it possible for NIBE F2300 to, for example, start up via an existing thermostat.

Use the external controller modules SMO 05 / SMO 10 together with the air/water heat pump NIBE F2300 to create a complete system.



Stiebel Eltron air source heat pumps

Stiebel Eltron has been producing highly efficient electrical appliances since 1924, in the fields of domestic hot water, renewables, air conditioning and room heating. Headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, the company runs an Energy Campus – a flagship project for sustainable construction housing its training and communication centre. This Plus Energy building generates more energy than it consumes and is a great demonstration of the Stiebel Eltron commitment to energy efficiency.

The company takes great pride in the efficiency of its heat pumps which have a very high coefficient of performance (CoP) and energy efficiency class of A++/A++ (flow temperatures of 55°C/35°C) on some models. Their integrated inverter technology ensures the heat pump always delivers precisely the output that is required – no more, no less. This not only makes the heat pump more energy efficient, but also reduced noise emissions.

Stiebel Eltron produces air source heat pumps to suit any demand profile.


WPL 15/25 AS

The WPL 15/25 air source heat pump is designed for installation outdoors and delivers first class efficiency, even at temperatures well below freezing. Its high flow temperatures mean it can work with classic radiators.

Low operating noise is of critical importance for outdoor installations particularly when neighbours need to be considered. The quieter the heat pump, the closer it can be to the nearest building.

The WPL features energy efficient inverter technology for high flow temperatures – even on the coldest winter days. This model has minimal energy consumption resulting in very low operating costs. It has an energy efficiency class A++ rating, even at a flow temperature of 55°C.

The WPL model comes in two capacities: 15kW and 25kW and can be combined with a solar thermal system.

Dimensions of the 15kW model are: H 900 x W 1270 x D 593 and those of the 25kW model are: H 1045 x W 1490 x D 1490.



The WPL 33 HT S was specifically designed for modernisation projects where it was important to integrate with existing radiators, with flow temperatures necessary for radiator operation even when it’s freezing. Thanks to advanced inverter technology the energy efficiency of the heat pump remains high too, with an A+ rating.

It’s very quiet in operation and can be sited inside or out and can also be combined with other heat generators such as a solar thermal system.

Its dimensions for an outdoor installation are: H 1434 x W 1280 x D1390.



The WPL 10 AC S not just heats, but also offers an optional cooling function by reversing the refrigerant function.

It’s an excellent air source heat pump for outdoor installation on a small footprint and is ideal for new builds. It’s very quiet in operation and can also be integrated with other heat generators such as a solar thermal system.

Its dimensions are just: H 900 x W 1290 x D 593 so can fit easily in the smallest of yards or balconies.


WPL S basic

Stiebel Eltron has produced this highly attractive and affordable entry model which is particularly well suited to new builds with heating systems requiring a low flow temperature. The corrosion-resistant casing was developed specifically for space-efficient outdoor installation.

It offers a level of efficiency unusual for a unit of this price bracket. Its excellent equipment level, including an electronically controlled expansion valve, large evaporator and optimum defrost technology make this possible.

It comes in two capacities: 13 and 18kW and both share the same compact dimensions: H 1116 x W 784 x D 1182.



This heat pump is available in three capacities: 13, 18 and 23kW and can also be used in cascade for properties with larger heat demands. It can reach temperatures of 60°C even in temperatures as low as -20°C, so is the ideal choice when modernising older buildings.

In combination with the WPIC 3 compact air routine module, the WPL E can also be sited indoors when outdoor installation is not an option, making this a highly flexible solution.

It achieves an A+/A++ energy efficiency rating at W55/35.

The 13, 18 and 23kW models all share the same dimensions: H1434 x W 1240 x D 1280, and if you are adding the WPIC 3 module, you need to accommodate the following: H 237 x W1240 x D 800. 


WPL 34/47/57

These are energy packs for major heating demands in buildings such as apartment blocks or commercial buildings. Available in three capacities: 34, 47 and 57kW, and a cascade layout allows the output to be multiplied and matched accurately to the building in question.

What’s more they are suitable to link up with other heat sources such as a solar thermal system.

These heat pumps are rated energy efficiency class A+/A+ at W55/W35.

They are available in white or a silver metallic finish, and all share the following dimensions: H 1485 x W 1860 x D 2040.


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How do you get heat from cold air?

Air/water heat pumps utilise the heat energy of the outside air.

The heat pumps are designed for outside placement and transform an existing radiator system into an excellent, complete heating system. 

Heat pump technology is actually based on a very simple, well-known principle. It works in a similar way to any domestic refrigerator, using a vapour compression cycle.

The main components in the heat pump are the compressor, the expansion valve and two heat exchangers (an evaporator and a condenser).

A fan draws the outdoor air into the heat pump where it meets the evaporator. This is connected in a closed system containing a refrigerant that can turn into gas at very low temperatures. When the outdoor air hits the evaporator the refrigerant will turn into gas.

Then, using a compressor, the gas reaches a high enough temperature to be transferred in the condenser to the house’s heating system. At the same time the refrigerant reverts to liquid form, ready to turn into gas once more and to collect new heat.

Using an inverter-driven heat pump compressor, the system can be regulated so that heat output matches the exact capacity required at any given time. This means the heat pump will only consume the exact energy needed, making it highly efficient.

In the summer, the refrigeration circuit is capable of operating in reverse to provide cooling on demand.