What has the Boiler Upgrade Scheme achieved and what will follow under Labour?

With a General Election looming and with a change of government on the cards we take a look at what the Conservatives' latest green initiative, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, has achieved and what we can expect from Labour.

Is a £7,500 grant enough of an incentive to install a renewable heating system?

With the drive to Net Zero, the government has been experimenting with initiatives to encourage uptake of energy saving measures and renewables over the past few years with mixed success, but is the current offer of a £7,500 grant going to be enough?

Will the Boiler Upgrade Scheme be enough?

The successor to the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme launches in May, but will the grant be sufficient to encourage uptake of low carbon heating?

Latest successor to the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive announced

With the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme closing at the end of March and with its successor, the Green Homes Grant Scheme, having been an abject disaster, there's now a new scheme on the horizon.

The Green Homes Grant Scheme - what we know so far

Over the summer, more information emerged about the successor to domestic RHI - The Green Homes Grant Scheme. While we await full details about how the scheme will work for installers and homeowners alike, let's take a look at what we do know so far.

Time is running out on the Renewable Heat Incentive

Financial incentives to encourage homeowners to switch to renewables are going to be changing, and sadly not for the better. So it's decision time if you want to benefit from the generous financial support currently available.

It’s been a good news week (for renewables)

The government has this week breathed fresh life into the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme and demonstrated its ongoing commitment to low carbon heating technologies. That’s good news for us as installers and great news for anyone considering renewable energy heating for their home or business.

The end is nigh (almost) for RHI!

With just over a year until the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme closes to new applicants, time is running out for homeowners who wish to benefit from the generous government incentives currently being paid for moving to 'green', energy-efficient heating technologies.

Come and see us at the Northern Homebuilding & Renovating Show

We'll be exhibiting at the Northern Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Harrogate between the 1st and 3rd November, so why not come and see us with your questions or your plans.

Annual leave - office and showroom closure

We will be away on annual leave between 16th August and 1st September and the office/showroom will be open only for limited hours while we are away.

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