Want a Beginners Guide to the Renewable Heat Incentive?

When Which? does something so well, why reinvent the wheel? If you're interested to find out if renewables are for you and how you could benefit from the government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, then this has to be the 'go-to' resource as you start your investigations.

Which? first published their review of the Renewable Heat Incentive back in 2014 and update it on a regular basis so it relects the very latest on scheme requirements, costs, tariffs, caps and more, so we find it an invaluable read for anyone considering a switch to a renewable energy heating system.

It contains all the top-line information you will need to help you decide whether to take your investigations further. 

Then, once you've concluded you want to move forward, we will be happy to get into the specifics with you. Whether you are looking to retrofit renewables to run the existing heating system in your home or are self-building, converting, renovating or extending your property, and have a clean sheet of paper to design the heating system of your dreams, we can advise you about the pros and cons of the different renewable technologies and work out which is the right one for your home, lifestyle and life-stage.

Installation costs vary across the different technologies, but so do the returns you can receive through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

Different systems require different levels of maintenance, from annual servicing to more regular cleaning or filling.

They will each have a different impact on your home, be that the visual impact of an air source heat pump fan unit, or the disruption caused to your garden when installing ground collectors for a ground source heat pump, or the space requirement and visual impact of a pellet store for a biomass boiler, or the appearance of solar thermal panels on your roof.

There's a lot to consider and here at Yorkshire Heat Pumps we will be happy to guide you through the options and the decision making process. You can call in to see us at our Harrogate-based showroom, contact us via the website, email us at enquiries@yorkshireheatpumps.co.uk or call us on 01423 788699.

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