New report highlights the impending explosion in renewables

Renewable energy heating campaigners at Innasol publish a fascinating report into the inevitable rise and rise of renewables.

Our morning read today has been the recently published Renewable Heat Report commissioned by the passionate people at Innasol. Conducted by analyst group Frost & Sullivan, the report explores the British public's awareness of, and attitudes towards, renewable heat technology. It highlights the challenges we face as an industry to inform and overcome the misconceptions circulating while we wait, with bated breath, for the launch of the govenment's domestic Renewable Heat Incentive this spring.

Silvio Spiess, Innasol's CEO is quoted as saying “According to the report’s survey, the main reason UK residents are missing out on these renewable heating financial incentives is due to a lack of awareness of the technologies available and a lack of understanding of their benefits. By taking action and switching your heating to renewable sources, you will save yourself money – upwards of 45% – and become far more efficient and significantly reduce your carbon footprint, becoming more environmentally responsible.”

I'm very happy to link to a competitor's content, as what Innasol have highlighted is hugely important to us as an industry as we set about dispelling the myths and helping people understand at this critical time, that what looks too good to be true, really does present them with a substantial cost and energy saving opportunity.

You can READ MORE in the Renewable Heat Report.

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