Caveat emptor

‘Let the buyer beware!’ With increasing noise in the press about renewable energy and the introduction of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments fast approaching, what should you look out for when selecting a provider?


We’re noticing a growing sense of urgency among home and business owners to act and install an eligible renewable heating system. But which one to choose?

Coincidentally, there seems to be an outbreak of new providers offering quick and cheap installations, just as the weather starts to turn colder, and the need for affordable heat increases, which is tempting, but carries risk. Who should you trust?

To be effective and cost-efficient at heating your home or business, the system must be correctly specified by an MCS accredited professional who will ensure you choose the correct technology for your circumstances - be that a ground source or air source heat pump, biomass boiler or solar, and select the correct sized unit or units for your property.  To be eligible for RHI payments the renewable energy system must be installed by an MCS accredited professional and your home must meet with a minimum standard of insulation.  

This assessment and specification all takes time – from detailed measurements and complex heat loss calculations, to the specification of the unit and the planning and execution of associated ground works, to the installation and commissioning of the system – and should not be rushed.

You need to be able to have confidence in your supplier, and for the specifier and installer, the MCS accreditation is a must. At Yorkshire Heat Pumps, our specification and installation partners are all MCS accredited, ensuring you get the advice and the system you need, and what’s more, qualify for RHI payments when they are introduced in April.

You can READ MORE about what to look for in a specifier or installer on the Energy Saving Trust website.

You can CONTACT US for a 'no obligation' initial assessment of your project and you can rest assured we will be honest with you if a renewable energy heating solution is not right for you and your property.

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